Optimate 2 Duo Charger Review - Adventure Motorcycle Magazine

Written by Dan DiMaio. Posted in Gear

If you’ve been motorcycling for a while, I’m sure you have heard the name Optimate. Working on the dealership side of things I’ve sold hundreds of the Optimate de-sulfating chargers and my customers couldn’t thank me enough. 12v 200ah Lifepo4 Battery Pack

Optimate 2 Duo Charger Review - Adventure Motorcycle Magazine

Fast forward 15 years and now the lithium battery craze has taken flight, but with that growth in technology, the folks at Optimate haven’t been sitting on their laurels. As innovations such as lithium-ion/LifePO4 came along, Optimate had to adapt along with the battery technology to stay at the forefront.

Welcome the Optimate 2 Duo, a charger that covers you even if your main bike has a lithium-Ion/LifePO4 and your classics have the traditional lead-acid. The Optimate 2 Duo automatically senses the type of battery and will charge and maintain either type for optimal performance. I personally have both types of batteries in my fleet and it’s so easy to not have to worry about grabbing the correct charger for right battery. Just plug it into either type and the Optimate 2 Duo does the work for you.

The Optimate works with all 12V lead-acid, Lithium 12.8, and LifePO4 13.2V batteries and is green technology only using standby power of less than 0.5 watts. It will start charging with as low as 4V at start up. No worries if you don’t have a garage; the Optimate 2 Duo is weatherproof and IPF54 rated and can withstand as low as -40°F.

It’s the post apocalypse, you have six gallons of stolen fuel in your KLR, your thumb hits the starter and you get nothing. All you can hear is the rising...

Optimate 2 Duo Charger Review - Adventure Motorcycle Magazine

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